Ashine Technology Breakthrough on WET Polishing Pad


We are proud to announce Ashine’s latest release, Tough-wet polishing pad, has outstanding result on wet polishing concrete, dryshake topping, terrazzo and etc.…, especially those abrasive and soft floors.

Lifetime and abrasiveness of Tough-wet polishing pad is FOUR times longer than existing pad.


A comparison test under same test conditions is done. Tough-wet polishing pad wears down only 0.5mm in height while that of old formula wears down 2mm.
From project site testing feedback, lifetime of Tough-wet polishing pad is also testified to be FOUR times longer than our current wet polishing pads and also some competing pads. 4inch and 7mm height Tough-wet polishing pad works around 2,000㎡ on dryshake flooring while competing pad works only around 500㎡.

The whole market has more and more demands for wet polishing. But there’re nearly no proper wet polishing pads for customers to choose before Tough-wet technology is developed.

In addition to market demand, wet polishing also protects site staff’s health effectively. In 2016, America OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) releases a policy named Safety and Health Regulations for Construction, stating that “···all employers of employees exposed to asbestos hazards shall comply with applicable protective provisions to protect their employees···The work shall be performed using wet methods.” OSHA requires employers to try best applying wet method to avoids site staff’s risks of getting Silicosis when doing floor construction works.

As a socially responsible company, to create a healthy and sustainable working environment for workers is also our mission. All these prompts our R&D focus on a well-performed wet polishing pad.

There’s a wide range of Tough-wet polishing pad designs for your selection. For more details, please contact our sales staff.

Below are sections of Tough-wet polishing pad under magnifying lens.

Below are feedbacks from project site when using Tough-wet polishing pad


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