Metal-bond Grinding Plates for Concrete and Terrazzo Floor

The grinding plate is used to smooth rough or patched floors and to feather uneven joints and slab panels. It can also be used to remove hard epoxy urethane and other coatings or toppings.


Product Detail
 The grinding plate is for grinding down the face of a slab. It removes material quickly whilst still giving a controlled effect. It is especially useful for smoothing the sawn face of slabs or removing lettering from stone.
The universal drilled backing plate fits most grinding machines. Number of segments and bond hardness can be supplied for all floor grinding applications. Ashine can supply other types of back plates to suit most machines on request. Please contact us for more details.


● Remove material quickly whilst still giving a controlled effect
● Good for general grinding and heavier stock removal.
● Aggressive grinding performance for wear surface of building ground either concrete or stone.

Diamond floor grinding plate used with a 3 phase single headed diamond grinder such as the BG or DFG 250. Use 50 grit hard bond diamond segments for longer lifetime used on soft and crumbly surfaces. 30 grit grinding plate for most general purpose applications or 20 grit for aggressive grinding on hard surface.

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