Metal-bond Trapezoid Diamond Grinding Shoes Bar shaped
Metal-bond Trapezoid Diamond Grinding Shoes Bar shaped

Metal-bond Trapezoid Diamond Grinding Shoes Bar shaped

Equipment: Floor Grinding Machine


The two bar trapezoid tooling is a proprietary matrix of top quality abrasive diamonds embedded evenly throughout both segments.


Product Detail

The rectangular segments are designed for aggressive scratching and exceptional durability with strong grinding capabilities. The metal segments are designed for wet or dry applications. The manufacturing process ensures even distribution of abrasives throughout the tool adding to the longevity and performance of the tooling.


The 2 bar trapezoid tooling is designed to be used on most concrete surfaces.

It is suggested to use a hard bond matrix when the tooling is being used on medium to soft surfaces while the soft bond matrix is the best choice for hard to extra hard surfaces.

The use of water in the grinding process will typically increase the life of the tooling as well as provide a more aggressive grinding on the surface.

It is highly recommended to use a vacuum system when dry grinding as the tooling will make a large amount of dust. 300-600 RPM’s is recommended.


Extra soft (XS), Soft (S), Medium (M), Hard (H), Extra Hard (XH).


#16/20, #30/40, #60/80, #100/120, #120/150.


The two bar trapezoid tooling is an excellent diamond tool generally used in the first few steps of the concrete polishing process.

It is an ideal mechanical preparation tool on concrete for cementitious overlays and industrial coatings.

Depending on the surface coating, the two bar trapezoid can be used as a coatings removal tool up to 1mm thick while not damaging the surface.

The rugged design of the tool makes it ideal for heavy grinding, cutting, and leveling, especially when aggressive grinding is necessary.


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