PCD Trapezoid with Oval Shaped Diamond Segments
PCD Trapezoid with Oval Shaped Diamond Segments

PCD Trapezoid with Oval Shaped Diamond Segments

Invention Patented No.: 200710009242.7

Description: One PCD polycrystalline diamond segments and one oval shaped segment.

Usage: Dry/Wet

Equipment: Floor Grinding Machine


Product Detail
Combined with one PCD diamond segment and
one oval-shaped segment, the PCD trapezoidis used for floor coating removal, epoxy, and paint grinding. It is widely used in many grinding applications, like removing epoxy,glue and resin from concrete floors.

This oval-shaped PCD trapezoid can remove all kinds of thick coatings without gumming up or smearing the coatings.

It is available to customize both clockwise and counterclockwise PCD diamond segments.


  • Excellent formula for concrete and terrazzo floors with different hardness
  • Very efficient for the most demandingsituations, such as the removal of the persistent coatings
  • It fits quick-change system grinding machines and walk-behind grinders
  • The oval-shaped segment has a Long lifespan
  • Less scratch may be caused by the segment shape


Walk-behind grinding machines or versatile magnetic plates that this trapezoid diamond tool can fit.

All types of stubborn coatings are available to remove, such as paint, varnish, glue, epoxy, acrylic, screed residue, VCT mastic, black tar adhesive as well as thick rubbery material.


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