PCD Cup Wheels Single Row
PCD Cup Wheels Single Row
PCD Cup Wheels Single Row

PCD Cup Wheels Single Row

Description: Six PCD polycrystalline diamond segments, six circular holes (one centre parallel sided)

Usage: Dry/Wet

Equipment: Angle grinder, light floor machine

ASHINE offer all kinds of trapezoid PCD diamond to fit all types of machines and other walk-behind floor machines with fast-release holders/plates.

Categories: EDGING TOOLS

Product Detail

The single row PCD cup wheels is designed for fast removing hard and tacky surfaces, urethane epoxy, waterproofing membrane, pool deck coating, thick mastic, old and new epoxy coating, paint, VCT/carpet glues. Supreme quality is provided.


  • Remove epoxy on the concrete floor when equipped with the floor grinding machine.
  • The best tool for removal of heavy epoxy, coatings, mastic, glues.
  • Fast stock removal of concrete
  • Eliminates gumming up of segments and maximizes production.
  • High working efficiency


The PCD discs work by using extremely hard diamond scraping tips to rapidly lift material. This is usually much more effective than an abrasive action on soft coatings like bitumen, epoxy, mastic and resin. (the heat from abrasive action tends to soften the coating, causing the abrasive to quickly clog up). The coating thus tends to be quickly reduced to dust or crumbs which can be swept or vacuumed up.

They are used on angle grinders or floor grinders (hand held floor preparation machines). Also, the PCD discs are mounted on the angle grinder flanges and have standard 22.2mm mounting holes.


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